A truck pulling a trailer loaded with two tanks of anhydrous ammonia had an accident on Bingham Road near the Lutheran Church on Friday afternoon. The Boonville Police Department reported no injuries. Stanley Potter was driving his truck while pulling a trailer carrying the anhydrous tanks into Boonville when he noticed the trailer was wobbling. The trailer then detached from the truck. While one tank remained on the trailer which ended up on the shoulder, one tank fell into the road and blocked the roadway. The police report indicates the tanks, which were almost half full, were not leaking. The police and Boonville Fire Department were called to the scene and were on the scene for more than 45 minutes. Reports early on indicated a vehicle had flipped but upon the scene it was determined to be the anhydrous tank blocking the road. Potter's truck was not damaged but the trailer received a broken axle and broken wheel as a result of the accident. Nash Towing was used to remove the trailer.