Boonville Pirates wrestling coach Christian Stock said 22 wrestlers in grades 9-12 participated in the first full practice of the season on Monday. “We started with the basics from stance on our five to five ways to set up a double leg takedown, how to do a double leg, top position on how to do the spiral breakdown to a simple wrist and half pinning combination, and finally bottom  a simple stand up and cut away,” Stock said. In addition to going over the basics, Stock said the next-two weeks will be used to go over fundamentals and the main approach of how he would like the wrestlers to wrestle a match. Stock commented further that he would like the wrestlers to win the match on their feet by taking people down and being able to get off the bottom and back to their feet. “I thought practice went really well,” Stock said. “I am excited to see the number of young wrestlers that we had at practice. We need this to build the future of Pirate wrestling.”