Area residents vote for their future

Gloomy weather is not stopping people from voting for the nation's future around the Boonville area. A moderate flow of people were gathering to vote at the courthouse and other area precincts Tuesday morning. Lines were small but turnout has been like a usual Presidential election according to Cooper County Clerk Darryl Kempf. "It is going like a typical election day. The phone calls started at six in the morning with people asking questions. Overall it has been a great day with a lot of people voting especially the people who have kept their records up-to-date and who have showed their ID. Individuals can take as long as they want to vote," Kempf said. Kempf said 80 election judges and staff members were getting ready at 5:30 this morning. "I do believe our election judges are keeping the lines down. When I voted this morning I was able to go right to a table with 20 people voting," Kempf said. "It's been steady and everyone has been very happy when they voted. It has been some people's first time voting," Election Judge, Joan Bosma said. It took Kempf and his staff a long time to prepare for the election. "Not only do we have to get all of the voter registration correct, we had to print books that went out to all precincts, print signs and get all precincts ready as well. We had to test every machine for each area as well with a test-ballot," Kempf said. Kempf said this is vital in making sure that the votes are recorded correctly by the machine. He also said it takes about two hours to get one machine ready to accept votes. Kempf said the good thing after today is that everyone will not be bombarded with election mail, calls or TV ads any more. "We then can get back to doing county business," Kempf said. As of 9:30 this morning, 300 people had voted at the Water Department. By 9:45 this morning, 459 people had voted at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church and by 10, 438 people had voted at Nelson Memorial Methodist Church. At 11 this morning 392 people had cast their ballots at the courthouse. Precincts will be open until seven this evening.