The Boonville boys and girls cross-country teams had a tough going over the weekend while competing in the Class 3 District 5 Meet at Howard Hills Sports Complex in Moberly.
With the top 15 boys and girls moving on to the state meet on Saturday, Nov. 3rd at Oak Hills Golf Center in Jefferson City, the Pirates came away disappointed to say the least as sophomore Holly Krumm missed out on qualifying by one place finish in a time of 21:57.8 while junior Rory Concannon placed 30th overall in a time of 19:07.2.
Nicole Lee of Clinton captured first in the girls division in a time of 19:00.20 while Jenny McCarty of Fulton finished second in a time of 19:49.20.
As for the two other runners for Boonville, freshman Patience Dorman placed 58th overall in a time of 27:46.9 while junior Savannah Burnett finished 62nd in a time of 30:35.4.
Boonville cross-country coach Dustin Davis said he felt terrible for Krumm because she had her eyes on making the state meet again this year all season.
"She was in 15th place, the final qualifying spot, until 100 meters to go when she was out-sprinted. It was so hard to watch because I was so fired up seeing her in 15th with a quarter of a mile to go, and when she was passed so close to the finish, my heart dropped. I am so proud of the effort she gave because she competed so well and finally broke 22:00 on a day when the course ran slow, but I was so disappointed that it didn't work out in our favor. As for Patience and Savannah, I was happy with their efforts but we just didn't look sharp today."
In the final-team standings for the girls, Helias captured first with 60 points. Clinton finished second with 61 points, followed by Warrensburg with 86, Osage with 92, Moberly with 108, Kirksville with 114, Odessa with 174 and Eldon with 196.
As for the boys top-two finishers, Tristan Hensley of Osage captured first in a time of 16:50.30 while Andrew Gordon of Kirksville finished a close second in a time of 16:52.40.
In the final-team standings for the boys, Warrensburg captured first with 32 points. Helias finished second with 80 points, followed by Osage with 97, Moberly with 117, Odessa with 140, Clinton with 164, Chillicothe with 175, Kirksville with 181, Fulton with 239 and Boonville with 245.
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Freshman Jason Broyhill was the next closest runner behind Concannon for Boonville by finishing in 53rd place in 21:13, followed by Blake Sailing in 56th place in 21:45.3, Brian Hagen in 59th place in 22:08.9 and Brett Murray in 72nd place in 24:45.2.
Davis said this was another tough race to watch as the coach because Concannon had the goal of qualifying for state.
"Rory got out way too fast and paid for it," Davis said. "I'm proud of the fact that he kept going hard and didn't give up, but I know he was pretty disappointed with the end result. I think the other guys got out to fast as well but also did a good job of competing. I have to give Brett Murray some recognition because he improved his personal best by about 45 seconds. He came into the season late and missed a lot of training due to an injury, so I was proud to see him do as well as he did."
Davis said it's a little hard for him to look at the district meet and take something positive away from it because he was just so disappointed that Holly and Rory didn't make state.
"The district was a lot tougher this year with the addition of Warrensburg and Clinton, and if we take those teams out of it, it's a whole different meet," Davis said. "That being said, that's just something we have to be prepared for next year. I'm already looking back at the training schedule and racing schedule for this past season and looking to see what worked and what didn't so we can be better prepared next year.
"As the coach, my philosphy is that I give my athletes all the credit when they run well and I take all the blame if they don't. I have no doubt that Holly and Rory could've and should've made state, but I obviously didn't fully prepare them like they needed. I wish I could say that part of the problem was the transition from Coach Kersha's training program to my training program, but I had a good two months to prepare them so I won't use that excuse. Plain and simple, we have to aim for higher next year, and I just hope that our athletes are even more motivated for next year. We will lose a few seniors in Blake Saling, Sammy Dorman and Kathryn Rodman, but we return a lot of potential and I hope to pick up a few more athletes next year. I've got big plans for the district meet next year."