Boonville third graders receive dictinaries

Third grade students across Boonville each now have a dictionary, thanks to the Boonville Lions Club. Dictionaries were handed out by local Lions Club members Carol Nauman, Gene Cummins, Paul Henry and Pete Rodman at Saints Peter and Paul and David Barton schools. The first stop was Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School. Third graders were pleasantly surprised as a stack of brand new dictionaries were brought in just for them. Lions Club member Carol Nauman introduced herself and told the class that these dictionaries will be used in their studies. Club members, along with teacher Melissa Spence, handed out the dictionaries. The students will keep the dictionaries at school until the end of the school year. The dictionaries contain more information than words including braille and how to do sign language, to name a few things. The students thanked the members for the new dictionaries. "I am pleased. I feel wonderful that the Lions Club reaches out to all third graders in our community." Spence said. Third graders at David Barton Elementary were next to receive the books. As the students received the books, their gratitude was shown with excitement. "We used the money from our annual auction to purchase the dictionaries. We found out about this program from our district governor last year. We can also purchase the dictionaries from the Lions Club as well. We decided last year to give them to the third grade," Nauman said. Nauman plans to give dictionaries to the third graders of Boonville every year. She feels that third grade is a time when students start using dictionaries more. "I know a lot of teachers set up study lessons as part of their routine. The students will also keep them at school so they do not lose or forget them," Nauman said. Boonville is only one of many cities giving dictionaries to students. According to the Dictionary Project website, the organization has donated 285,969 books since it began officially in 2002. The mission statement from the website states that the goal of the program is to assist all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary.