Livestock auctions resume in Boonville

The Missouri Valley Commission Company, commonly known as the Boonville sale barn, held its first sale, Tuesday, since closing in September. New co-owner Jon Angell was very pleased with the turnout and said that numerous buyers and sellers were represented. The auction started in the morning and lasted until four in the afternoon. Angell said he was astonished by the support for the first sale. With a turnout of over 600 head of cattle, Angell thought the original anticipation of 400 to 800 cattle was a good one. With the sale being modeled after the sales of the previous owners, some changes occurred to make things run faster and more smoothly. Angell also said that the sale was the maiden run for the all new computer system which increased the speed of the sale. To test the new system, Angell said he was in the back making sure the glitches were fixed right away. "The speed was good which supported the market to make good prices," Angell said. "It was plainly obvious to us that the local area wants to support the livestock market," Angell said. "I saw some people after the sale and when they looked at their check they were pleasantly surprised," Angell said. Area resident Carol Lurten came with her husband from Prairie Home. They were very happy to be able to once again sell their cows in a local market. "We brought some feeder cattle in and we were pretty excited about them opening since he did not have to take them out of town to sell. He was very happy," Carol Lurten said. Angell said they plan to expand to maybe having a once a month cow sale, a sale that occurred when the previous owners had the sale barn. The next sale will be Tuesday, October 30.