Will Travel to Kirksville on Tuesday to closeout the season

The Boonville Pirates soccer team had an emotional Senior-Parents Night and a not so memorable match last night while hosting the Mexico Bulldogs at the BHS Sports Complex.
While honoring the five seniors and one manager along with their parents prior to the match, the Pirates couldn't seem to come up with the big goal when they needed it the most while falling to the Bulldogs 6-1.
With just one match left in the regular season on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at Kirksville, head coach Tim Brown said the weather was atrocious, especially during the first half when the Pirates faced strong winds and sideways rain in their eyes.
"We were lacking precision on attack and defense, so we spent most of the match stuck in our own end," Brown said. "Unfortunately, we have had to spend more and more time during our season working on fundamentals (dribbling, passing, receiving, shielding, striking, heading 1 vs. 1 defending, tackling, etc.) which has give us less and less time to prepare tactically, because, at that pivotal moment, we are still unable to make that good first touch, complete that necessary pass, defending that dangerous attacker, protect the ball from an opponent, hit the target with a shot, and so on."
Of course trailing 3-0 at the half wasn't quite the start the Pirates, who dropped to 4-16 overall and 0-11 in the NCMC, were looking for against Mexico.
However after giving up three goals at the 10, 19 and 36 minute mark in the first half, the Pirates also surrendered two straight goals in the second half at the 52 and 60 minute mark to trail by a score of 5-0. Meanwhile, at the 69-minute mark in the half, Boonville finally got on the board when sophomore Tyler Drew scored on an assist from Braden Adams to make it 5-1. But even that was short-lived as Mexico came back with another goal at the 74-minute mark for the victory.
The Bulldogs also finished the match with 22 shots on goal and 39 shot attempts compared to 13 shots on goal and 16 shot attempts for Boonville.
Junior goalie Nathan Green, meanwhile, finished the match with 16 saves.
As for fouls in the match, Mexico had eight compared to just six for Boonville.
The Bulldogs also picked up a yellow card at the 76 minute mark.
Mexico also won the JV match against Boonville by a score of 1-0.
While the Bulldogs scored the only goal of the match at the 17-minute mark, Brown said despite the stats, no shot attempts and no goals, the JV Pirates had their moments of cohesion last night, but the quality in the final third is simply not there.
"Unless your opponent makes horrendous mistakes, you cannot score without that player who can beat that last defender 1 vs. 1, make that penetrating run at the right time, execute that quality pass in behind the opposing defensive line, finish the ball in front of goal, etc., etc., etc."
The Bulldogs also dominated in the statistical category with four shots on goal and seven shot attempts. Boonville had zero in both categories.
Junior Brendan Twenter, meanwhile, finished the match with three saves.
Mexico also had two fouls in the match compared to zero for Boonville's JV, who dropped to 1-12-2 overall.