Plans are underway for the community forum on drug awareness which will be held on November 13

The Boonville R-1 School Board held their monthly meeting at the administrative offices on Wednesday. The meeting focused on accepting bids to refinish the Boonville High School Windsor Gymnasium, and a bid to replace the bleachers there as well. The board also focused on the Community Drug Awareness Forum to be held on November 13. Boonville School District Superintendant Mark Ficken said that bids need to be accepted now regarding the gym floor and bleachers so that work can commence early. He said the there will be competition with others schools and their projects so getting bids early will allow the contractors to make Boonville a priority. "As you know the high school gym floor lines are fading after many years. The lines are turning green and are not looking very sharp. This work to needs to be done to maintain the floor," Boonville School District Superintendent Mark Ficken said. Boonville Athletic Director Chris Shikles said the bleachers are getting very worn as well. He said that every time they have to pull them out and put them in again the bleachers get in worse shape. Board President Charlie Melkersman asked if there was enough money in the budget to cover the cost. Ficken said there is indeed cash on hand to pay for the project. "We are healthy financially that we can pay for this," Ficken said. He also said that the company who they deem to take on the project will have to do the work over the dead time or when the gym is not being used. Ficken said that after graduation but before summer activities get in full swing would be the best time to complete the project. Board member Brenda Campbell asked why the bleachers were in such bad shape. "We need to quit pulling our bleachers out manually. We need to keep them regulated which saves the under workings of the bleachers," Shikles said. Campbell asked since there is a problem with putting the bleachers away would it be possible to leave them open all the time. Shikles said that leaving the bleachers open is a safety concern especially during the school day when classes are utilizing all areas of the gym. Shikles also said that in addition to replacing the bleachers, he would like to add seating for graduation and district playoffs as well. He said there is limited seating which is not ADA compliant, meaning, the school is not able to host a large event with wheelchair accessibility. He also said that he would like to allow seating for at least 200 hundred more people. Campbell asked if the floor and bleachers were a high priority compared to the other capital projects on the list for possible completion. "When we look at priorities, the safety of our students and those visiting our campus is number one," Ficken said. Board President Charlie Melkersman asked if the new bleachers would be wood or fiberglass. Shikles said that they would be fiberglass. Board member Barbara Holtzclaw made a motion to start accepting bids for refinishing the gym floor along with replacing the old bleachers. The board also discussed the Community Drug Awareness Forum that will be held on November 13. Board member Jeff Lammers said that this forum will be important to all in the community, not just teachers, students and staff. Melkersman said that as far as policy procedures go, they will not have to invent the wheel as many districts have already adopted policy on dealing with drugs and that Boonville may adopt some of these policies as well.