Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher and State Fair President Dr. Marsha Drennon voice praise over the community's support of State Fair in Boonville.

State Fair Community College held a ribbon cutting on Tuesday to officially begin it presence on the Kemper Campus. The event included many people from Boonville, representatives of State Fair, and even current students attending the college. Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher along with State Fair President Dr. Marsha Drennon greeted friends as they entered. The event included brief words from both Thacher and Drennon who spoke of their appreciation for Boonville and its people. "This is a very important and wonderful celebration we are having today. This is almost unbelievable to me with great thanks to the willingness of State Fair Community College led by Marsha Drennon to come to Boonville," Thacher said. Thacher also said that from the start of talks of having State Fair on Campus to its arrival was truly remarkable and pointed out many distinct individuals who made this a reality. Drennon had nothing but praise for the city and how fast everything came into place since their first meeting in May. "State Fair Community College feels like we are right at home in Boonville. It is so wonderful how all of you have embraced us from the very beginning," Drennon said. Drennon also spoke about the first meeting when community members came forward in support of the college on the Kemper Campus. She was and is still astonished with the support State Fair has received. Drennon said that students are already signing up for Summer classes. She also said that the next step is to start working on expanding to Science Hall. With these words an applause erupted. "We have also been involved with the Kemper Military School Alumni Association who presented us with a bell for a new beginning on the campus," Drennon said. She also thanked the citizens of Boonville for becoming a partner with State Fair.