LSE White team drops two straight 25-4, 25-21

The LSE Lady Hawks volleyball team had a little bit of hard luck last night while hosting the California Pintos at the LSE gymnasium.
After winning the first game against California 25-18, the Lady Hawks would come back and drop the next-two and the match by the scores of 25-13 and 25-16.
LSE coach Dina Herzog said the girls played at their level in the first set while coming from behind. “California was good competition but I thought our girls played with them and were aggressive and confident,” Herzog said. “Meanwhile, in the second and third set, we didn’t serve-receive well and looked to someone else to pass the ball. Dana Lester played well tonight and was out to win.”
Dana Lester led the Lady Hawks with three assists, two digs, one kill and one ace.
Shayann Potter finished the match with one ace, one assist and one block, while Lindsey Harris added two kills and one assist, Jordan Xufuris with two digs, Kyla Johnson with one kill and one dig, Malaysia Hammers with one ace and one kill, Kishanda Jones with one kill, Sara Clinton with one dig and Taylor Fisher with one dig.
In the second match, Herzog said California played very well the first match against the White team while winning in two straight 25-4 and 25-21.
“Their serves were aggressive and we had a hard time receiving the ball,” Herzog said. “The second match was a lot better. They were out there to win their last match. Lillie Schnell served very aggressively. I also thought we played better as a team.”
Lillie Schnell had two aces in the match for LSE’s White team. Mackenzie Lutz finished the match with two kills while Lilith McDonald and Brynn Edwards had one ace each.