After the Boonville City Council voted unanimously to send the minor subdivision plat and site plan for 211 W. Spring Street back to the Planning and Zoning Commission, developer Larry Schlotzhauer submitted revisions to be considered at the Tuesday commission special meeting. Changes included, reduction of the parking lot in the center of the four buildings and moving the entrance to the minor subdivision to an alley off of Spring Street, instead of Morgan Street. The plan still calls for four buildings on a one acre lot which includes the former Westminster Presbyterian Church. The lot will be then divided into four smaller lots. Schlotzhauer is under contract to purchase the property. Changes proposed by Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton about the buildings facing each other were not made. Heaton said at the last city council meeting that he would not want to have the buildings facing each other.
The plan consist of two church properties being converted into duplexes along with two new buildings being built to the north. According to the Tuesday minutes, Schlotzauer stated that time was of the essence for converting the two existing buildings to meet residential codes for ingress and egress. He also said that there is significant ground work to do prior to wet weather. The duplexes, according to Schotzauer, are intended to meet ADA accessibility and to add value to the neighborhood. The zone of which the duplexes will be called will remain R-2 which allows for single family dwellings.
The minutes stated that development of the two new duplexes will require diversion of storm water to Morgan Street and away from adjacent structures. Engineer of the project, Gene Bowen, stated that 35 to 40 percent of all water drainage will be redirected to Morgan Street. According to the October 3rd revised plans the parking lot has been changed to include two lots which will allow for more green space in and around the complex. There will be 16 parking spaces all together.  
Boonville City Building Inspector Steve Hage suggested that the yard frontage of the current buildings needed to be reviewed since the proposal wishes to convert the church buildings to residential multi family dwellings.
Boonville City Counselor Megan McGuire stated that under unified ownership of all four lots, easements for joint/shared access parking, maintenance and utilities are sufficient to be noted on the plat. but will need to be recorded specifically by deed according to titling standards at any time that a lot is sold under separate ownership in the future. The minutes states that due to the amount of infrastructure that is already in place on the property the additional structures will impact the storm water, landscaping and erosion control requirements only minimally. The building inspector and city engineer will review the plans before the permits for the buildings are granted.
Boonville City Administrator Irl Tessendorf stated that there were some sewage line issues regarding the land because of improper line connection to the main line. He cautioned the developer that he needs to make sure all sewer lines are connected to the main sewer line.
The commission accepted the plans and are now sending them to the Boonville City Council for approval.
In further news, the Boonville Ready Mix plant will be relocating to Radio Hill Road since its current location has been purchased by the Hail Ridge Residential Commercial Development Group. The current location will be platted for the Victorian Estates Subdivision. The plant will be disassembled and resembled at its new location. The plant will expand with new additional offerings. The date of moving the facility is still in the works.
In old business, the First Baptist Church will not need a sign permit, since they decreased the size a sign that will be placed in front of the church. The only permit needed will be construction of an electrical line to power the sign. The sign will not be a flashing or full motion video sign. The sign will also be no larger than 32 square feet and will set back from the road.