The Boonville High School Landscaping Project, which is headed by Helen Sanders and Cole Potter, will have a courtyard work day on Saturday, October 13 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sanders said, while the courtyard has become quite an eye sore, teachers, parents and people from the community are invited to attend and help out.
“I am hoping club and organization sponsors can encourage their members to volunteer for the day,” Sanders said. “When the space is finally completed, teachers can use it as an outdoor classroom, club meeting place and a place for teaches to relax at lunch or after school.”
To help pay for the project, Sanders said her advanced art classes have been selling art prints for the past several years for a patio space outside the art room and the teacher’s lounge. The pavers will be put in on the work day, Sanders said.
“We have worked up some of the areas that will have patio pavers installed and have started to prepare the area for beds,” Sanders said. “The 2012 senior class also donated a granite bench in memory of Ms. Comegys. It still needs to be moved to its permanent spot once a foundation is in place. The senior class also donated six blue hydrangeas from their graduation. Some one still hanging on, but the drought was not good to them. Even with Mrs. Wrenn watering them for me every week this summer.”
Sanders also commented that Rosalie Searfoss’ parents are paying for a door in the teacher’s lounge to provide access to the courtyard in memory of their daughter, Cindy Comegys, a former business teacher at BHS.
Sanders said what needs to be done during the work day are as follows: put patio pavers in patio spaces and prepare patio space for pavers; work up bedding areas around the edge of the courtyard; build up berms or mounds or dirt in the middle for shrubs and small decorative trees (Some of the dirt for this may come from the drainage area, which will eventually become a dry creek bed); and start putting in small tree, shrubs and perennials.
Plants to donate or transplant are: small decorative trees, shrubs, and many perennials such as irises, peonies, hostas, autumn sedum, etc. If you would like to donate toward a tree or shrub, or you have perennials that can be transplanted, contact Helen Sanders at or call 660-882-7426 ext. 7620. You can also contact Cole Potter at or call 660-888-3862.
Sanders said all workers will need to wear old clothes, old shoes and gloves. This project can also be used for A+ hours, according to Sanders.