If you saw people milling around near the Village Meadow Apartments on Wednesday in Boonville, you probably thought a block party was occurring.
As it turned out, the residents and staff of Village Meadow Apartments held a Community Appreication Cookout after receiving a POAH Grant (Preservation of Affordable Housing).
Delgina Malone, manager of Village Meadow Apartments, said the goals of the block party were to enhance community relations already in place and to foster goodwill among service organizations, community leaders, and businesses. Malone said residents also intermingled with community leaders and shared ideas and a meal together.
"This activity was designed to help strengthen community contacts and obtain more contacts in the future so residents may continue to develop a more satisfying lifestyle," Malone said. "Another desired outcome would be the continuation of this block party sponsored by different agencies each year."
In all, 102 people were served during the block party. Attending the cookout were Services for Indpendent Living, Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher and Boonville Chief of Police Bobby Welliver. Larry Perry also provided entertainment.
Marie Morrill, service coordinator, said they had several different options provided to them but wanted to say thank you to the community.