This year's Third Annual Katy Bridge Wine Walk brought another successful event to Boonville. With attendance growing every year, a news release stated that over $6,000 was raised to benefit the restoration of the Katy Bridge.
The event, which was held on the evening of September 29th in downtown, boasted an assortment of Missouri Wine and Missouri specialty foods in downtown shops. Local music and art serenaded visitors as they walked around downtown to taste the wine. All 400 wine glasses for the tasting were sold as well. These glasses include a picture of the Katy Bridge wrapped around it.
Paula Shannon, Chair of the Save the Katy Bridge Coalition, said that they were thrilled with the turnout of the wine walk.
"This event would not be possible if we didn't have wonderful merchants who open their stores to host wineries, musicians and food producers," Shannon said.
She also said that the wine walk is a great activity that showcases the best of Boonville and helps raise awareness of the Katy Bridge.
Tourism Assistant Director Sherry Broyles said they even had a group of people from Kansas City and St. Louis.
Sedalia residents Shane and Jamie Williams said that they enjoyed their time in Boonville on the Wine Walk.
Local Merchant Ed Scrivner, who owns Family Shoe Store in downtown, said he was very pleased about the turnout.
"When the event started at five people started to trickle in but then by 5:30 p.m. my store was filled. I had people from as far as Maryville come in and along with wine tasting I sold a number of items," Scrivner said.
Scrivner also said that area residents purchased items as well. He said business has been good since the event.
Roz Gordon, co-owner of Gordon Jewelers said that they enjoyed being a host for the wine walk. Gordon Jewelers has been involved with the wine walk since it began.
"We had a lot of exposure as people came through. We gave people Christmas ideas and with those ideas we hope we will see some more business as Christmas approaches," Gordon said. "We would love to host the wine walk again."
In addition to wine tasting Gordon also quizzed the visitors on what sort of animal skin a bracelet she carried was made of. The bracelet was made from a stingray.  
The Katy Bridge Chair Affair was a new event that added to the wine walk's largest turnout since it began three years ago. Nineteen local artist took old chairs and furniture and created art pieces out of them for auction. The press release stated that unique creations included kids furniture, a lady chair all dressed up, a Cooper's Oak barrel converted into a table and homages to the Katy Railroad. Downtown windows boasted these creations for the silent auction which raised over $1,300 for the bridge.
Shannon and Broyles are already planning for the 2013 wine walk and plan to make it even larger.
"We will plan on having a great event and bring more people in," Broyles said.