For the past four months a total of 57 walkers/bikers participated in the Cooper/Howard County (CoHoCo) 150 Walk, Bike Run Challenge, with 21 participants achieving the goal or 150 miles.
Vanessa Dorman, challenge coordinator and Associate Director of the Boonslick Heartland YMCA, said the CoHoCo 150 Challenge was a collaboration between the Boonslick Heartland YMCA, the Howard County Health and Wellness Council and the Boonville Tourism office.
Dorman further stated that the challenge was administered through a grant the Boonslick Heartland YMCA applied for and received from the CDC.
“This ended up being a popular challenge,” Dorman said. “You never know what will motivate someone to participate in a challenge. Sometimes it just has to be the right thing at the right time! Interestingly enough, the challenge winner, Elizabeth Atkinson, ended up be a mom of four young children who used the challenge to finish losing weight after her last baby. She lost 90 pounds and logged over 270 miles.”
Dorman said the goal of the challenge was to increase physical activity and raise awareness and use the local treasure, the Katy Trail State Park.
It is named the CoHoCo 150, Dorman said, because research shows that 150 excess calories consumed daily by children leads to chilhood obesity. Also because 150 minutes is the recommended amount of aerobic exercise adults need per week to stay healthy, and 150 is the average amount of calories in a can of soda and because the U.S. will spend $150 billion this year on health case costs related to smoking.
Dorman said the challenge was for individuals to log their miles outdoors from June 1 to September 29, 2012 and turn in their log sheets. Anyone logging over 150 miles name was entered into a drawing for a prize basket worth $150. Miles could also be logged anywhere outside in Cooper or Howard County and could be biked, walked or ran.
Finalists from Cooper and Howard County who completed at least 150 miles were: Elizabeth Atkinson, 270.5; Kathy Baylor, 183; Annie Chamberlain, 223.9; Paul Davis, 1,031.20; Vanessa Dorman, 700; Brynn Edwards, 154; Christie Eichelberger, 207; Jon Embry, 419; Martha Embry, 307; Scott Fray, 162.4; Doris Gibbs, 201.75; Nick Hayden, 1,490.50; Paul Henry, 253; Anita Keene, 321.25; Phyllis Newman, 351.7; Karen Niederjohn, 231.1; Elizabeth Rodman, 190.5; Marsha Stewart, 250.5; Elizabeth Wilkinson, 556;  and Connie Wilkinson, 564.
The drawing for the prize was held Monday, Oct. 8th at the Boonslick Heartland YMCA.
Participants who logged under 150 miles were: Jennifer Allen, 12; Jolaina Anderson, 7.5; Sharlette Anderson, 12.25; Lisa Asbury, 90.75; Heather Boach, 59; Amanda Blumhorst, 57.19; Eugenia Boggs, 99.21; Janice Cary, 18; Lisa Cook, 5.68; Tony Cook, 4.25; Patty Cottrell, 10.75; Carol Cox, 30.73; Emily Fletchall, 51.45; Fran Gilmore, 12.5; Haley Hilden, 34; Nathaniel Krebs, 4, Theresa Krebs, 2; Misty Langston, 74.3; Amber Ledbetter, 12.5; Mandi Ledbetter, 11.5; Kathleen Maier, 119.7; Kayla Maier, 48.7; Stacie McCutheon, 36.8; Linette Meller, 138; Lydia Meller, 81; Tim Meller, 127.13; Eric Moss, 43; Kristi Palmer, 44.5; April Parrish, 10; Pete Rodman, 22; Sonya Russell, 25.7; Jeannie Samer, 5; Heather Silvey, 104.5; Robin Triplett, 102.7; Gerald Ulrich, 6; Lenda Vroman, 16.7.