A crime wave will soon be erupting in Boonville, but don't panic; it will be the fictional creation of Role Play Media's first feature film “My Own Words”.  Written and directed by local photographer Greg Arendall, the film will feature several locations in Boonville and neighboring New Franklin.
Mr. Arendall describes the film as a psychological thriller, focusing on the relationship between a serial killer and the newscaster she abducts. “Those watching the film will be presented with a situation which will leave them questioning who the victim really was,” adds Executive Producer Dr.  John Brown.
 Filming is set to begin the last weekend in October and conclude the first weekend in November.   Mr. Arendall is hoping to involve the local community in this project by holding open auditions for extras, and individuals to serve as members of the Technical Crew.  The auditions for extras will be held on Sunday, October 14th, 12:30pm at the Greg James Photography Studio.  The studio is located at 106 East Broadway, New Franklin, MO.  “We are looking for around 15 people, of all ages, to play people on the street or patrons of a local bar,” stated Mr. Arendall.  “No prior acting experience is required.”
Dr. Brown suggests that volunteering for the Technical Crew would prove an excellent start for someone that is interested in learning the finer points of filmmaking.  “Members of the crew will work on all the technical aspects of the film,” says Brown.  “They will assist with lighting, set construction, props, special effects, and attending to the thousands of details that make a film successful.  It will be a great learning experience.”  For more information about available positions on the Technical Crew, contact Greg Arendall at 816.806.8599.
 Mr. Arendall’s previous artistic background includes video shorts and photography, but he realizes a full length film will be a huge step forward.  “This will be my first feature film to direct, and although I have made several short films, this project presents many more challenges.  My Own Words will require a total cast and crew of over 60 people,” explains Arendall.  “The story is complex and explores the very base of our value system.  The question is asked; what would you do if presented with the opportunity to commit the perfect crime?         In My Own Words we give you one possible answer to that question.”
A talented cast has been assembled.  Jennifer Davis will play the role of Carrie Craig – the victim (or is she?), Catherine Bandeko as Alma Franks – the serial killer, Drake Kreuger as Roger Hawk – Alma's criminal companion, and Derick White as Tom McCaine – the broadcaster who interviews Carrie.   Local residents are encouraged to audition for the remaining roles available.
Behind the lens, the actors will be supported by William Peck of Kansas City as the Director of Photography.  Ken Claypool will serve as Director of Lighting.   The producers are currently searching for a Makeup Artist.
 Arendall is excited about bringing a slice of the film industry to the area.  “We hope this film will spark interest in local film making.  Boonville and New Franklin offer great settings for storytelling.  Everyone I have talked to about My Own Words has been very enthusiastic about the concept behind the film, and excited to see such a project being created in their hometown.”