Jon Angell, Justin Angell and Mike VanMaanen, all of Centralia, have recently purchased the Farmers Livestock Auction in Boonville.
In an interview with Jon Angell on Wednesday, Angell said the three equal partners purchased the sale barn from previous owner Larry Bock during an auction on Tuesday, Sept. 25.
"Larry Bock indicated to us that he had run the market for 18 years and it just became too much work for one guy," Angell said. "That's one thing unique about the partnership. I will handle the marketing as far as advertising and putting out market reports while Mike will be the auctioneer. Justin will work the ring."
Of course the Angells are no stranger to running sale barns. In 1948, Angell said LW Angell Jr. along with Frank Elkin and Dr. Carl Hulen started the Columbia Livestock Auction. However due to a new subdivisions going up in the area and the growth of Columbia it was making it hard to run. The sale barn officially shut down in 2002-03.
In addition to the sale barn in Boonville, which will be called the Missouri Valley Commission Company, the trio of partners also own a sale barn in Bowling Green, Missouri, which they purchased in 2000.
Angell said the sale barn in Boonville will open before the end of October.
"We will run Tuesday's sales just like the previous owner," Angell said. "We will start selling fed cattle or weight cows between 9-9:30 a.m. and feeder cattle, calves and yearlings after lunch at approximately 12:30 p.m. As far as running the two markets, we are hoping that they benefit both. Hopefully we will have some buyers who are comfortable with us running the business, who will journey to Bowling Green."
Angell said at the current time the sale barn in Bowling Green has consistently sold between 60,000-80,000 cattle during the year. Meanwhile, in Boonville, Angell said the literature for sale market reports between 50,000-60,000 cattle through the year.
As far as hiring additional help, Angell said that is something the partners are currently working on.
"There could easily be a dozen or more part-time employees," he said. "Until we get going for a month or two we will have to see what reception we receive. I'm very optimistic."
He also said there will be a half dozen employees who will come down from the sale barn in Bowling Green to help out for a month or two.
"We are in the process of investing in a new computer system to help run the sale," he said. "We will also be doing modification in the back to speed up the sale. "The three of us after serving people in Cooper and Howard County and in the past in Columbia, we actually see this as a homecoming to the central Missouri area. We are very excited about working with people from our past and meeting many more."