Bill number 2012-024 regarding the Park Hill Minor Subdivision Plat located at 211 West Spring Street was sent back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for further information gathering at the Boonville City Council Meeting Monday night.
The proposed subdivision by Midstate Builders/Schlotzhauers would place four apartment buildings at 211 West Spring Street where an old church sets. In the center of the complex would include a 16 car parking lot. The proposed minor subdivision would set right in the middle of a historic neighborhood. Decreasing property values were a major concern along with the look of the proposed buildings.   
Although a motion by Ward two councilman Henry Hurt was made to accept the bill, discussion was introduced by Ward four councilman Morris Carter. He said there were a lot of unanswered questions regarding the plat.
Hurt said that there are a lot of empty buildings in town. He said that he would hate to see the church on the property go empty for years stating that he supported the proposed plan.
Ward 3 Councilman Hayes Murray felt that a daycare would have been a better use of the land instead of putting an apartment complex into it. Murray also stated a decrease in property values of the surrounding houses and lots would follow such a project. Murray said he owns land that borders the proposed complex but said he is worried about the other neighbors who live in the houses that surround the plat.
"When we make a decision on one property I don't think the decision should adversely effect the properties around it. If this would remain one parcel and four duplexes were put on it, it would be called R3 zoning instead of R2 zoning. The fact that they are splitting it up into four parcels doesn't take away the fact that you have a commercial style parking lot. You also have these proposed buildings that face each other and are not similar to the neighborhood," Ward two councilman Noah Heaton said.
Murray said that traffic was also a concern, stating that 16 cars would drastically increase traffic for the area.
Hurt voiced his answers to concerns over traffic stating that not everyone leaves or comes at the same time.
"Although people come and go, I still think it has the resemblance and feel of commercial property right in the middle of a residential area," Heaton said. "We have historic neighborhoods that are turning from owner occupied to rental at an alarming rate. If we go around town sticking developments like this in neighborhoods, we will accelerate that."
Heaton also felt that if the developer passed all the requirements with the Planning and Zoning Commission, than maybe the council needs to look at the requirements and maybe revise them.
Hurt mentioned that he heard the same arguments when the boat came to town but they were proven wrong.
"I will not okay something at the expense of the neighboring property owners," Heaton said.
"I think there are a lot of people on this council that want to protect the historical value of this town," Murray said.
Murray also expressed that the council should not go for the first thing that comes for consideration.
Carter asked that Bill 2012-024 be taken back to Planning and Zoning so they could get all the details worked out.
Mayor Thacher asked the council if taking it back to Planning and Zoning would be the right path to take. Hurt rescinded his motion to accept the plat.
All voted in favor of sending Bill 2012-024 back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for further consideration.
In other news Boonville Parks Director Gary Nauman brought the council up to speed on some vandalism at Lion's Park. Nauman said that he has had to replace a basketball goal many times in the last 18 months and told the board that he will not replace it until the vandalism stops. Nauman said that they have partnered up with the Boonville Police Department to try to catch the vandals but have been unsuccessful. Nauman also said that he is thinking about taking the other goal down as well.
New business consisted of the consideration of resolution of R2012-15 IDA request to amend articles of incorporation. This resolution authorized the application from the Board of Directors of the Industrial Development Authority of the city of Boonville. The consideration passed with all voting in favor.
Another bill that passed was 2012-025, the approving of the STP Urban Program. This ordinance authorized the execution of a STP-Urban Program agreement between the city and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.