The Friends of the Boonville Library held a one-evening book sale in the library parking lot on Thursday, September 27, in conjunction with the Festival of Lights.
 A steady stream of shoppers perused the large selection of books from 4:00 until dark. At 50 cents a piece, books were leaving by the bag full.
“I’ve got my winter supply of books,” a delighted customer said.
One lady who home schools her children claims to be “the book lady.” She shops for her kids, herself, and many of her friends.
Serious book sale shoppers came with their own book bags. “I buy all my books from the library,” said one lady.
“I never buy new,” said another.
When asked, The Friends of the Boonville Library said they would consider doing the sale again next year. They also wish to thank everyone for making the book sale a successful event.
All proceeds from the sale will be used to buy furniture and equipment for the new Boonville Public Library.