The Cooper County Historical Society celebrated its 22nd Anniversary Sunday, September 9 with a free ice cream, cake, and music social under the trees in the village of New Lebanon. Members and visitors were served at tables on the grounds of the Country Store Museum to the strains of the "Bluegrass Roundup".
Since its founding by about 50 interested residents in 1990 at the historic 19th century Cumberland Church the membership now numbers about 151 and has a long list of accomplishments to its credit. The original intent of the society was to sponsor free monthly programs about local history in the various communities of Cooper County open to the public and to introduce county youth to their colorful heritage as a step towards future historic preservation. Membership in CCHS to be always open to all.
Over the 22 years permanent markers have been been installed at significant sites; festivals and tours organized; a genealogical research library building acquired and opened to the public; a Cooper County history book written for young people has been annually donated to each 4th grade student in the county; and the work goes on. All financed by $10 annual dues, donations, and income from their Trivia Night Contest and silent auction which happens every January in Boonville.
The October 14 meeting will take place in the Peninsula Baptist Church at 2 PM. New officers will be elected and the program will tell of the happenings of the last 140 years in the Peninsula community. The name, Peninsula, evolved from the location - between the Lamine and Blackwater Rivers. The remaining church and cemetery can be seen on the high ground north of the Blackwater exit off I-70.
Sunday, November 11 the CCHS Research Center will be open for coffee, conversation and browsing to welcome the new officers and renew memberships. The Center is located on Roe St. and Hwy 135 in Pilot Grove.
On Sunday December 9 old and new members will be welcomed with a Christmas Open House at the historic 1820 Walker house, "Pleasant Green" on Hwy 135 between Pilot Grove and Clifton City.
Membership information available at CCHS, Box 51, Pilot Grove,MO-65276