The City of Boonville celebrated the opening of their new city offices on Main Street with an Open House and Ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday between 4-6 p.m.
Guests were given a tour of the building which once belonged to United Missouri Bank and now housed the City of Boonville's administrative offices. Brenda O'Bryan, administrative assistance; Mary McAllister, city clerk; Alicia Escobar Watts, bookkeeper; Irl Tessendorf, city administrator; Julie Thacher, mayor; Megan McGuire, city counselor/planner; and Kate Fjell, special projects coordinator can now be found at the new location.
An antique bank safe is on display in the spacious lobby and a photo history of previous city halls adorns the south wall. Oil paintings of Nancy Shanks Wyan and Jacob Fortney Wyan by George Caleb Bingham grace the wall en route to the mayor's office. Both are on loan to the city from the Charles W. Leonard Trust. Historical photographs of Boonville and surrounding areas decorate the offices.
Refreshments, which included meat/cheese trays and soft drinks and water, were provided by Septagon Construction who did the remodeling. Cookies were furnished by Taylor's Bake Shop.
At 5:30, Mayor Thacher and Mary McAllister cut the ribbon with the aid of many city employees. Afterwards, Thacher thanked UMB Bank for the gift of the building to the city, Septagon Construction for the remodeling, all the employees who did the actual moving, and to the citizens of Boonville for their support. She expressed a special thanks to Mary McAllister, city clerk, who handled many of the details while still doing her own job.
When asked about the new location, Chief of Police Bobby Welliver said, "It was a good upgrade. Having just one floor makes for a more efficient work flow."
Megan McGuire, city counselor/planner, considered the Open House a success. "It was great. At a guess, I'd say about 125 people showed up. Everyone seemed to like the layout."
Irl Tessendorf, the city administrator, was also pleased with the evening. "The turn out was good. There was a steady stream of guests during the two hours of the Open House and many lingered past 6 p.m. There were lots of good comments."
Members of the community enjoyed seeing historical pictures of Boonville and the two oil portraits by Bingham. Others commented on the delicious refreshments.
Louise Bolin of Louise's Tea Room said, "It was lovely. I loved the historic touches, and it will be a wonderful city hall for years to come."
Local attorney Lucy Betteridge said she enjoyed the evening. "It was a lovely evening. Our tax dollars have been well spent. The remodeling was well done and I'm glad to see it kept the history of the area in mind. It will make a good impression on visitors."
Paul Davis, Cooper County's Eastern District Commissioner, had this to say of the evening. "The Open House was a very enjoyable event. I was very pleased to see such a large turnout. We're very fortunate that UMB Bank donated the building to Boonville and the Main Street location will be of great benefit to everyone in terms of access and visibility. The remodeling of the offices is in line with other recent Boonville capital improvement projects. It was a first rate job. Well done."