The following is a wrap-up of Tuesday's City Council meeting.

New business on Tuesday night for Boonville city leaders dealt with the consideration of a resolution, the first reading of a bill and an audit presentation.

Resolution No. R2012-12 Authorizing Execution of an STP-Urban Program with the Highways and Transportation Commission was broken down into four section. The resolution is an agreement between the City of Boonville and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission revolving mainly around area street and road improvements. All members of City Council present voted yes on its passage.

The first reading of Bill No. R2012-024 Approving Park Hill Minor Subdivision Plat located at 211 West Spring Street. This bill has yet to be passed, but no amendments were suggested on Tuesday evening.

The fiscal year 2011-12 Audit Presentation by Fred Korte of Gerding, Korte & Chitwood followed.

"It is our job as auditors to audit the financial statements in accordance with generally-accepted auditing standards and government-accepted auditing standards. Those standards require us to obtain reasonable assurance about whether whether the financial statements are free of material misstatements and to issue an opinion based on our audit," said Korte.

Boonville records, according to Mr. Korte, were in good standing.

"As in prior years, we have issued a clean opinion. There were no exceptions or qualifications. The records were in good condition to be examined," Korte said.