The monthly report from Boonville's Director of Parks is available.

State Fair Community College's ongoing building project was declared substantially complete on August 17, as was the school's parking lot. Boonville Director of Parks Gary Nauman had been involved in the process, working with both Septagon and MECO Engineering throughout the construction and remodeling projects.

"The last hurdle for the building project was passed on August 16 when the elevator passed inspection. The keys to the building were turned over to State Fair on August 17. They completed installing furniture and getting their computers in and running during the weekend of the 18-19th," Nauman said.

Handrails have been repaired and replaced around the campus and a pallet of memorial pavers, donated by the Kemper Alumni Association, were placed around the school's flagpole. General cleaning, repainting and replacing has also taken place.

An order of playground equipment, all new, for Rolling Hills Park has been confirmed.

"We should have a new playset at Rolling Hills by the middle of September," said Nauman.

Boonville's Aquatic Center, now closed, is scheduled to have sections repainted during the off-season.

"I have filed a warranty request with Westport Pools because the paint is wearing badly in some sections of the basin. I expect them to repaint the pool basin sometime yet this fall," Nauman said.

Also in the works for the Parks Director is the re-seeding of the Katy Depot Lawn and the setting up of four soccer fields for the local Y.