As of Tuesday morning, a total of 70 accidents were reported by the Missouri State Highway Patrol over Labor Day weekend, according to Only four of those accidents, however, were listed as fatal.

Saturday and Sunday each saw a state-wide sum of 26 crashes, with only 18 occurring on Monday. More statistics are yet to be compiled and released, however, according to a representative from their Public Information Division in Jefferson City. These numbers should include an up-to-date listing of those arrested for driving while intoxicated. For the same period last year, 13 people were killed on Missouri roads and almost 450 were injured. Working Operation Combined Accident Reduction Effort (C.A.R.E.), troopers patrolled roads and highways over the past three days, enforcing speed limit restrictions along with seat belt and alcohol laws. Two people died as a result of Missouri boating accidents in 2011 as well. The National Safety Council estimated that a national total for highway deaths over the holiday weekend may be as high as 405. Interestingly, the same organization points out that 148 people who may otherwise die as a result of injuries sustained during crashes may survive because they were wearing seat belts. Conversely, says the NSC, 101 people may die because they chose not to buckle up. The four reported fatalities are listed as follows: David G. Hannah, 67, Lincoln; Steven D. Brawley, 56, Ellington; Dylan C. Gruber, 23, Hunnewell; Brandin D. Hatheway, 24, Savannah.