Jim Edwards of Fireworks for Life presented two checks yesterday for $500 and $87 to the Ministerial Alliance's Nick Campbell. Fireworks for Life, a local organization with a stated purpose of assisting cancer survivors and their families with expenses incurred during cancer-related illnesses, collaborates with local volunteer action groups to help those scarred by the many forms of the disease.

After assisting with site location, labor and utilities relating to FFL area fireworks stands, these groups then receive a minimum of $500 or five precent of the gross sales – whichever is greater – according to Edwards. These numbers apply separately to each stand.

Local youth groups, for performing similar work, are promised a return of a minimum of $1000 or 10 percent of gross sales. To meet FFL's original goal of cancer-assistance, 50 percent of proceeds taken in are to be donated back to FFL for appropriate distribution.

In addition to FFL's fireworks stands, the organization also works with voluntary action and youth groups to organize garage sales. Ninety percent of gross garage sales and 50 percent of net income from all fireworks stands are set aside to aid cancer survivors and their families.

Applicants for FFL aid must be cancer survivors and must be a resident of a county in which FFL operates for at least one year prior to June 1 of the year they apply. After review by a three-person committee, FFl then designates and distributes funds to the approved.

FFL's latest fundraising event is a garage sale and will be located at 319 Ashley Road. The sale is scheduled for Saturday, September 15 and will begin at 6:30 a.m. Currently, appliances, clothing, tools and other items of interest are being accepted for sale. Ninety percent, according to Edwards will be donated to Sawyer Quinlan, a local woman diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The remaining ten percent will be split between the Ministerial Alliance and Relay for LIfe.

For more information on Fireworks for Life, visit www.fireworksforlife.org.