Another week of complaining, it is. Unnecessarily dry but remarkably true.

It's quite clear by now to readers of my often mindless but grounded ramblings how I feel about politics. I wonder, when I've received calls from various campaigns asking me to come and cover their silly activities – if the staff for those candidates has actually read any of my ramblings. Doubtfully so. If they had, it would seem, I would never have been asked to attend. Yesterday's event that featured Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler was different than others in that the candidate didn't seek me out to shmooze. I hardly adhere to any aspect of conservative Republican principles, but I do take note of honesty and good intentions – even if I think they may lead over the cliff. I was quite impressed – not with her political stances, necessarily, but with the fact that she didn't try and get me drunk. I thought, "Wow! This elected official isn't trying to dishonestly squeeze a favorable story out of me by doping my emotions with strong-drink."

As an add-on to the fact that I openly despise so many aspects of conservatism, I'm also fair in my critique of liberalism, as readers should already know. Largely, I must point out, these are the guys the most often have tried to get me drunk. I've abstained in all instances, and they, so far as I'm concerned, can take their free booze all the way back to Jefferson City or Washington, D.C., and use it to bribe whatever judges are in need of a higher BAC.

Tampa's god-awful convention is going on right now. The speeches and pomp. The makeup and lies. The other side of the coin. No matter how it's cut, and no matter what kind of poll-boost the Republicans get out of it, our country is teetering and beyond the brink. More appropriate in the last sentence would be an obscenity, but family-friendliness is found only in censorship. I'll say something even braver, now – to those in Cooper and Howard Counties that, because of the only other option being President Obama, think they are being forced to vote for Mitt Romney. The absolute insanity of Mormanism would astound even current followers of the Zeus myth. If for no other reason, don't vote for Romney because he's a Mormon. Mormons are admirable on many levels, but in their powers of religious deduction they are not. Remember, somewhere in the long bloodlines of our Native American brothers and sisters is a lost tribe of Israel. The L.D.S. Church is a secretive bunch, and rightly so. They have much to hide. Don't let them grab the oval office. We will all regret it.

Likewise, the Chicago community organizers, should they retain the White House, will hit their lame duck years and mess us over in ways I don't have time to write about. They already have. Just like President Bush jacked us and our great-grandchildren over during terms number one and two of his administration. Like I've said before, do something brave. Don't vote for either of the two ponies. Don't trust any politicians outside the local level – ever. Even on the local level, though, mayors named Marion Barry smoke crack in their offices and serve time in the joint. My point exactly.