The yearly 49-mile tractor cruise is scheduled for next week. The vintage machines will cruise through downtown Boonville on September 7.

The Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association's annual fall show is coming to the Brady Show Grounds from September 6 - 9. Daily farm life, in addition to the mechanical beasts of old, are being showcased and will portray a time from the century-turn to the 1950s. Demonstrations of early American agriculture hold true in a region that is already steeped in mass-production of edibles.

The event's familiar Tractor Cruise, scheduled for September 7 and due to cover a 49-mile route, will leave the Brady Show Grounds at 8:30 a.m.

"Some of these machines are refurbished and others are not. Some are worth quite a bit and some aren't. Either way, this is a great display of some historic farm equipment. These tractors were high-end machines in their day. Families and kids can learn a lot just by coming out to watch," said Marty James.

James is Chairman of the event. He and his wife, Paula, oversee its planning, logistics and organization.

"The best place for the public to watch the parade is downtown Boonville from approximately 1:30-1:45 p.m., or anywhere along the attached parade route," said James.

The convoy will scream down the area's highways and farm roads at a nostalgic 10 mph, travelling on Highway 179 to Wooldridge and then to Hwy EE. EE will then be taken to Prairie Home. This equates to a 14-mile first leg. The second leg, a 12-mile stretch, takes Hwy J to Hwy B and then ends at Zion's Lutheran Church. Route B to Logan's Lake Road is next and then on to Sombart Road. Sombart will hit Santa Fe Road, which will be taken to Harley Park. This is the end of stretch three, also 12 miles. The fourth and final 11 miles leaves Harley Park via Morgan Street. Locust Street is next, where David Barton Elementary will be passed on their way to Eleventh Street. From there, the group goes to 87 and then to Hwy 98 for their final vault to the Brady Show Grounds – 11 miles total.

"Clearly, this is not about speed. This is a very relaxed event and we'll have several rest stops along the way," James said.

A rest stop with donuts, coffee and soda is scheduled for Prairie Home. Harley Park will host lunch, and a dinner ticket to a Knights of Columbus Barbeque at the Brady Show Grounds is available for participants. The cost for bringing history briefly back in a live format is a mere $30. Registration can be taken care of at Or, readers can contact Marty or Paula James directly at 660-838-6000.

Additionally, a photo gallery of last year's event is available in our gallery section.