The crew at C & R has welcomed nine employees from the now closed Dave's Country Market.

Much to the heartbreak of long-time and faithful shoppers at Dave's Country Market, the native grocer of more than 30 years has officially closed its doors. Familiar faces, however, can continue to be a staple of those customer's grocery shopping experiences if they so choose.

Dave's Country Market may be no more, but the former Boonville Mayor did not abandon his workers.

"Dave called us, gave us some names – and said that he had some employees he would at least like us to give a shot – if we would have them," said Glenn Jones, District Supervisor at C & R.

Nine employees of the Country Market picked up shop and moved their same line of work a short distance away to Boonville's last remaining locally-owned grocery store. They began last week.

"We're thrilled to have everyone that decided to come over. They're bringing a lot of experience and know-how with them," said Jones.

Dion Baker, Bo Webster, Tyler Eaton and Rodney Huckaby, collectively, had almost 90 years of experiencing working the aisles at Dave's. Rick Zimmerman, Henry Jack, Kyle Webster, Judy Shields and Evan Friedrich also migrated and added additional years to the total.

Dion Baker, former Store Manager at Dave's reflected on his 29 years of service at Dave's.

"I had a lot of good relationships with customers and it was a really fun place to work – it always felt like working with family there," he said.

Baker has taken on the role of assistant manager at his new employer. His long track record of local service will remain local.

"When people shop at C & R, they're supporting the local community. I know C & R, being a mid-Missouri owned grocery store, is dedicated to giving back to the community they serve – but probably one of the biggest reasons I have [for working here] is that I've always enjoyed providing exceptional service to families here in Boonville and the surrounding communities," Baker said.