Get out and vote. Today is the day for the Coroner special election.

After receiving 1,320 votes apiece during the August 7 Cooper County primary, Kevin Swartz and current Coroner, James Hurt, again face voters today in a special election. After the first round of results were released, both candidates were given the option of either a "draw by lot" decision, or of holding a second election, specific to the coroner seat.

Both candidates have continued to campaign during this near three-week hiatus. Hurt had this to say of the special election earlier in the month.

"I have asked for a special election because I feel that it should be left up to the citizens of Cooper County to decide who will be the next coroner, not a 'coin toss'," he said earlier in the month.

Polls do not close until 7:00 p.m. tonight, and voting locations have not changed since the August 7 primary. Results will be posted online and on our Facebook page this evening as they are made available by the Cooper County Clerk, Darryl Kempf.