The following is a summary of Monday night's Cooper County Memorial Hospital's Board of Trustees meeting.

A Monday night meeting with the Cooper County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees involved a thorough going-over of a number of administrative and performance-related reports from various hospital staff. A brief presentation and hearing of the 2012 CCMH Maintenance Tax Levy was approved prior to these reports.

It was determined that an assess valuation can lower a tax rate, but that for this to happen, a board vote would be necessary.

Listings of topics covered include a medical staff report, financial and chief executive officer reports, CEO and IT (computer systems) reports, a human resources report, community outreach coordinator's report, maintenance and director of support services reports and RHC and chief clinical officer reports.

Of special concern to members was the recent IT switch-over at CCMH, in which computer systems were required to transfer large amounts of patient data in short period of time. The transfer, all around, was considered a success.

During the medical staff report, Dr. Robert Koch pointed out the efficiency of the hospital's emergency room services.

"Most patients are in and out in 30 minutes," Koch said.