Dear Editor,
Tragedy struck our family in October 2009 when my son passed away unexpectedly. Through it all James Hurt, the Cooper County Coroner, was there. He was thorough with his investigation, compassionate, and assured me that he would see that things were taken care of.

When I had questions he was always available – answering them with the care, compassion, and sincerity for all of my needs and feelings.

James went above and beyond the expectations of a coroner. I can assure you that I am NOT the only person or family that has been affected by death or tragedy throughout the last four years. I appreciate the sincerity and kindness of this man.

I urge you to vote for James Hurt for Coroner – you never know when you may need his services, but I can assure you from my experiences he is more than qualified and is the right man for this job.

Please vote to keep James Hurt in office for four more years.

Carolyn Howard