This is a wrap-up of Monday night's City Council meeting

In a memorandum from Boonville Director of Public Works, M. L. Cauthon, to Boonville City Admnistrator, Irl Tessendorf, Cauthon recommended accepting a proposal from Instituform Tehcnologies. The new business item concerns the city's 2012 Cured-in-Place Sewer Line and Manhole Rehab Project.

According to the memo, Cauthon stated that the company was offering the best possible cost based on cooperative purchase pricing off of the City of Independence, Missouri's contract. The proposed cost of the proposal, stated in the memo, comes out to approximately $16,000 less than the originally budgeted amount of $100,000 by the Public Works Department.

Ward 4 Representative, Morris Carter, remarked on the wording of the memo.

"In one paragraph, you talk about where this comes in under budget and in the next paragraph you talk about there being possible additional expenses," said Carter.

"That's right – we always do this. We set up a budget with a target amount and then we line out the pipe – they call them shots – the distance and the number of manholes, and then we leave ourselves additional money in case we have to do spot repair. We've already inspected most of this ourselves, but if for whatever reason, when the instituform folks come through and do a more thorough inspection and a more thorough cleaning than our equipment allows us to do – if we have to dig something up or repair something, then we have little more money to do that," Cauthon said.

Cauthon went on to say that even in the case of additional expenses being incurred to the initial proposal cost, the total cost would likely still fall short of the originally budgeted amount of $100,000.