Boonville's City Council held their regularly-scheduled meeting on Monday night. This is the second summary for a write-up of the meeting.

Following Monday evening's City Council meeting and second reading of Bill No. 2012-021 – Establishing the Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2012-13 took place – "An ordinance of the City of Boonville, Missouri, establishing a rate of taxes to be levied on all properties subject to taxes in the City of Boonville, Missouri, for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2012," Ward 4 Representative Morris Carter remarked on his "no" vote. He and Ward 3 Rep., Ned Beach, were the two lone Council members to vote as such.

"Years ago, probably 10 or 11, when the city was working on trying to get the boat into Boonville, Council told the citizens that if we got it, they'd do everything they could to consider getting rid or the city's portion of the property tax," Carter said.

Carter went on to explain that he has reminded the Council of their spoken commitment to eliminate the property tax every year as the tax levy issues comes up.

On Thursday, Mayor Julie Thacher responded.

"The tax levy issue comes up from time to time. I'm not sure exactly where this promise came from. This doesn't sound like anything that was actually adopted on paper. I think we need to maintain an appropriate property tax and I think that amounts taken in are fair," Thacher said.

The remainder of the meeting covered New Business and Reports of Standing Committees. The meeting's conclusion will be printed in Friday's edition. New Business covered included: the First Reading of Bill No. 2012-022 – Approving Contracts for Local Agency Funding, the First Reading of Bill No. 2012-023 – Approving Final Site Plan for Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School Parking Lot, Authorizing the Insituform Rehab Project and Discussion of Gaming Funding for Fiscal Year 2013.

Reports of Standing Committees included the Boonville Housing Authority, Tourism Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission and Police Board. Reports of City Officials were also covered.