Linda Claas' spa will host two unique speakers in the weeks to come. Read all about it to find out more!

Boonville's A Touch of Claas Salon and Spa is set to host Dr. David Newman of Rose Heart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, Inc. at the end of the month. The August 27 event, "Get what you want from the bedroom to the boardroom," is a lecture that delves into the complexities of relationships and how our brains make predetermined and subconscious decisions, sometimes that we are largely unaware of. Dr. Newman hopes to make participants aware of this and how to identify such thinking.

"Most people, including therapists, don't understand relationships. Every relationship that you've ever had was cemented by the time you're 14 years old," said Dr. Newman.

Newman insists that every human being, typically, can be classified in one of two ways. Those that are more analytical are left-brain dominant. Those that are more physical are right-brain dominant. The session at A Touch of Claas is meant to help students learn which dominance they have.

"We'll be teaching people how to communicate with another party, because everyone has one dominance or another. Afterward, as a person, you'll be seeing more productivity out of yourself," he said.

A licensed hypnotherapist, Newman explains that hypnotism is not what it is portrayed to be.

"Here's the thing about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It has nothing to do with relaxation. Relaxation is only a byprocess. If you spend more than 20 minutes reading a book or staring at a computer screen, by definition, you automatically enter a hypnotic state," he said.

Newman explains that increased productivity in every relationship, work or family-wise, is a result of being able to identify another's left or right-brain dominance almost instantly. This makes for more efficiency in communication, and thus, increased productivity.

Tentatively scheduled for fall classes at A Touch of Claas is certified holistic nutrition consultant, Max Slessinger. Holding a Masters degree in instructional technology, and working at the university level for years, Slessinger aided in the design and building of classrooms and electronic delivery systems. The field of holistic nutrition is a fairly new undertaking for him, though he does also have a background in biology.

"I'm 62 years old and have always paid a lot of attention to my health After having a medical emergency, I started studying nutrition, and everything has flowed from there," Slessinger said.

He went on to receive a certificate in life coaching as well.

"This is about mind and emotion, more so than the food we eat. Looking at it purely as a biologist, these ideas were difficult to talk with some people about. There is some resistance to holistic practices," he said.

Slessinger identifies a huge proportion of the population as being sick without realizing it. People, he agrees, are unaware how ill they actually are because they have grown accustomed to feeling the way they do over the course of decades.

"People can feel so much better. I do teach about diets, but this is about more than that. It's about knowing yourself and understanding your own spirituality and what's important to you. It's about being mindful of everything in your life and removing the things that cause you stress of discomfort," he said.

Of note, Slessinger does not advocate a particular diet for well-being. He identifies different healthy eating habits as working differently for each individual because our body-composition is drastically varied from person to person.

"Some diets, or eating lifestyles, don't work for everybody. We're all unique and many different factors contribute. Bioindividuality is the word I like to use. You are different even than your siblings in some ways – you may look similar on the outside, but may have blood-type differences you are unaware of. Certain diets react positively or negatively to certain blood-types. We teach people to embrace all of those differences and learn to be happy about who you are," said Slessinger.

For information on Dr. David Newman's seminar, please call 1-888-604-9997. Total cost is $48.88. His website can be found at For more information on when Mr. Slessinger will schedule classes at A Touch of Claas, please contact Linda Class at 660-882-2600.