Monday's City Council meeting addressed the issue of local agency funding.

As the local agency funding application process saw its recent deadline, the issue was addressed as new business at Monday evening's City Council meeting. Danielle Blanck, former Mayor of Boonville and member of the Local Agency Funding Committee, was on hand to answer Council Member's questions regarding process and approval.

"They [local agencies] have to request an application and fill it out – it tells us what they want to do with the money and how much they want – if they have volunteers that are giving time to them. If they've had a grant before, it should tell us that they had it and how much it was for, etc.," Blanck said.

Agency requests totaled $74,500, but only $50,500 was available for disbursement. "You have to make some hard decisions, which you may hate to make, but they're necessary," said Blanck.

"What's the process after we discuss this here?," said Ward 1 Representative, Mike Kelley.

"You'll vote tonight and decide on our [committee] recommendations," said the former Mayor.

The Daily News will provide the outcome of fund disbursement and agency approval at a later date.