A full listing of results is available only in our print edition, now available on stands.

The Daily News has transcribed voting results from Tuesday's primary election, courtesy of the Cooper County Clerk's Office. When viewed, the results are broken down by candidate party affiliation. They are easily interpreted and self-explanatory.

Special measures, such as the Public Prayer Amendment and the City of Bunceton Question, are tallied at the end of the listing. According to the statistics compiled, Cooper County has a total of 10,159 registered voters. 3,101 – or 30.52 percent – of those registered participated in Tuesday's primary.

The Daily News will keep readers abreast of what transpires in the race for Coroner between James Hurt and Kevin Swartz. As of Friday morning , it appears that a special election will take place toward the end of August. This, however, is not a certainty.