You are a terrorist. And it doesn't matter if you're a Republican, Democrat or unaffiliated – more importantly, it doesn't matter who we elect. We're all suspects. Welcome to America.

On Tuesday afternoon, Senator Claire McCaskill stopped by the Daily News for an interview. We chatted about a handful of topics, all of which the Senator appeared to be well-versed on. I'll have a breakdown of my interview with her in tomorrow's paper – next Tuesday at the latest. This morning saw an unforeseen high-speed pursuit and all the news I was working on was forced to take a backseat to the chase. The last item I questioned the Senator on was regarding the domestic use of military drones above American skies.

Readers, do not confuse what you are about to read with reporting. Additionally, do not assume that what I offer up has anything to do with the Senator's opinion. My interview with Senator McCaskill was about much more than domestic drone-use. I asked her the following question. "At what point will the drones now in operation above American cities be armed?" McCaskill's answer did suffice, and you can read more about it in the article, but for now, my observations on my own question are below.

Three weekends ago, while driving through downtown Columbia with a family member, I gazed upwards, hoping to see the sky split with a supernatural occurrence. I do this often. An unmanned aerial vehicle flew over the skyline at a low altitude. A predator drone, to be specific. There were no missiles on its undercarriage, but it is what it is. This was a moment of tangibility. I could actually reach out and grasp the oppression of the state on a mostly domicile populace.

What happened in Columbia, training exercise or not, is coming to a city near you. News stories about domestic drone-use abound, and one need not look to any of our nation's mega-cities to see the reach of an overbearing spy apparatus being leveled on our citizenry. We're all terrorists now.

Decades in the making, and after much effort, the international banking institutions now have their perpetual wars that George Orwell and Smedley Butler warned us about. These unending conflicts, largely manufactured for profit, pit culture against culture solely for the sake of banknotes, and exist to fund our ever-increasing military industrial complex. The central banks of the world, seeing the fruits of their direct and indirect manipulation of whatever political structure they can manipulate, have almost won.

Not only are our perpetual wars in full swing, seeing life disregarded on all levels, you have been made a target. A new war is in swing. The war against you. You are a suspect and the new terrorists are some 280 million Americans. Before long, and each and every one of us knows this whether we want to admit it or not, the drones above our skies will be armed. What's sad about this? Many of you will allow yourselves to be manipulated into thinking that armed drones actually increase your level of safety. You will invite the drones into your homes and attach the missiles with your own socket set – out of fear.