A multi-agency effort resulted in the re-capture of three fleeing inmates this morning.

At 6:53 a.m., a 911 call was placed indicating Pettis County Deputy Glen Danner, who was involved with transporting a reported three prisoners, was overpowered during a brief rest stop.

"One of the prisoners got loose and assaulted the deputy while the transport vehicle was pulled over. Another individual came to the aid of the deputy, but they were not able to get control of the inmate. The inmate managed to get back to the vehicle and took control of it," said Cooper County Sheriff, Jerry Wolfe.

According to Wolfe, two of the suspects were eventually apprehended. The third was sought in a foot pursuit in the area of Route K, which runs west of Highway 87 in Howard County.

"We belive the suspect to be armed with the deputy's handgun. Shots have not been fired to my knowledge," said Wolfe, as the incident was unfolding.

Ronald E. Greer, the eventually-apprehended suspect, was serving a 22-year sentence for rape, and was scheduled in court for an appearance on similar charges, acoording to the Howard County Sheriff's Department.

"My understanding is that Pettis County had a writ on him. He'd already been transported to D.O.C. and was due for a court appearance in Sedalia," Sheriff Wolfe said.

While Deputy Danner did sustain injuries, none were serious.

"Charges that are yet to be filed will include 1st degree assault on a law enforcement officer, armed criminal action, stealing a motor vehicle and additional assault charges for what happened to the individual that came to the aid of Danner," said Sheriff Wolfe.

The muti-agency effort to re-apprehend the three fleeing suspects included K-9 and helicopter units.

"Officers ran him into a area of woods where there was a big draw and set up a perimeter. After running back and forth, the suspect surrendered," Wolfe said.

A witness reported the following.

"I called Howard County dispatch and they couldn't tell me what was going on – but they told us to evacuate immediately," said Claire Fehling, a bystander and employee of an adjacent rock quarry."We were told to leave in two vehicles and to stop for no one except law enforcement."