Today's primary election will determine the outcome of Cooper County's contested seats.

Cooper County's primary elections kicked off early this morning. Tonight, county residents will know who their Eastern and Western District Commissioners will be, along with the individual that will serve as County Coroner. "I'd like to see at least a 30 percent turnout, but there's no accurate predictor of that number – there's no way to know the percentage of voter participation until everything is tallied," said Cooper County Clerk Darryl Kempf. Contested seats up for grabs feature Republican candidates only. As such, today's primary will determine the race outcomes, which normally are decided during a November election. Kevin Swartz is challenging incumbent, James Hurt, for the position of Cooper County Coroner. Paul Davis, Eastern District Commissioner, faces David Stock and Western District Commissioner, Ernie Walther, seeks re-election while being challenged by David Booker. County polling stations, which number ten, opened at 6:00 a.m. and will remain so until 7:00 p.m. Were a voter to be standing in line at the time of shutdown, they will still be allowed to cast their ballot. The Daily News will be on-hand to report tonight's results, which we will report on Facebook as they are made available by the Clerk's Office. The results will also be available on our website at