The Two Palms offers up some uniquely unique cooking.

"People didn't know how to find us, so I put the two palm trees up outside. It was easier to find me that way and was better than a pink elephant," said Janet Carmack. And so came about The Two Palms, a restaurant and bar that Janet runs with her husband, Poodle. Located between Boonville and Glasgow on Highway 87, the Boonesboro joint formerly operated as the Boonesboro Country Store and serves up food that area residents are talking about – talking enough about it, that is, that the Daily News was forced to feature the local business on the front page. Carmack's Arrow Rock roots spawned an interest in cooking and restaurants when, as a girl, she experienced first-hand the restaurant her parents had in the back of the Arrow Rock Country Store, a business they ran successfully for years. On September 19 of last year, The Two Palms was born. Made-from-scratch pies are amongst Carmack's servings. At this very moment, peach, cherry and coconut cream are waiting for you. If you arrive tomorrow, they may be gone. "I like to think of this place as a little bit of the Caribbean in the boondocks. I want people around here to come tour a little piece of cooking heaven," said Carmack. Janet was awarded "Best breaded tenderloin in the state" by the Missouri Pork Association in 2009. This, of course, was two years before The Two Palms opened for business, which means a full three years have passed in which Carmack has been able to further refine her award-winning cut of beef. Mountain oysters and catfish accompany fry night. Friday and Saturday nights see crab-legs and shrimp. Ribeye steaks and traditional ribs will satiate any non-vegetarian palate, and can be ordered anytime. Pan-fried chicken, brought to life inside of cast-iron, is accompanied with dripping gravy on Sundays. "We've got pool tournaments on Wednesday nights, taco trivia night on Thursdays and 3-ball on Sunday. Soon, we'll be adding a piano to the dining room.," Carmack said. How does everything taste? If the Daily News spilled those beans, they would be spoiled. Get off the couch and head to number 4421 on Highway 87. The Two Palms is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays, the business still opens it doors at 7:00 a.m., but doesn't shut them until 10:00 p.m. They serve three meals per day, seven days a week.